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Warranties and insurance

We are Autosure approved dealers and can provide you with the security you need when buying a car. From the moment you leave with your new vehicle you should be covered as the unexpected can happen at any time, also make sure your insurer is up to date with your new purchase if you do not have insurance we can assist you in finding one to suit you or provide you with an Autosure comprehensive insurance policy on the spot. This has you covered from crash, fire, theft, but what about insurance on your engine and running gear? We have that covered too, as we know Mechanical faults are a common and sometimes unavoidable problem and more likely to occur in older used vehicles, they can cost you a lot of money as well as a head ache given the situation you may be in, they may even get worse if not fixed properly, to avoid the toll they take protect yourself and vehicle with a mechanically break down warranty. As simple as a one off payment and meeting servicing requirements you’ll never dread the thought of anything going wrong again.